Today in the city Colony 24.05.2019

Potato dog

Dog with potato pretty obvious.

Re-Re w/ lil Bit

A day in the life....

Traveling Through Rickwood Caverns

210ft below the surface in a cave system. We find a "shallow" under ground lake, and walled 130 steps to the surface.

Naked Gainer of off 40ft bridge at 7am #tweeprise #phish #spafford #fatguyinalittlecoat #micropenis

Money Mike does a Butt Naked Gainer at 7am off of a 40ft bridge. While jamming to his favorite band phish. Tweeprise jamming and Money Mike's micropenis ...

Smith Lake Alabama Market Report for April 2019

Smith Lake In the Market Report for April 2019.

Cinco de Mayo 2019

Hanna Marie performs.

Kayak Bed Extender

A neat way to add padding to bed extender.

Busted Knuckle Jeep JKU Build Phase 3 - Knucklehead Garage

On this Episode of Knucklehead Garage its time for an update on the Busted Knuckle Jeep JKU Build. The Knucklehead Jeep JK build has served us well but it ...

Stony Lonesome

Central Alabama off from society clip video.

Campbell’s 24 Hour Towing

Sponsor ad for Campbell's Towing Alabama.

Setting up a loaded dump truck

Recovering a rolled over loaded tri-axle dump truck , call 205-590-3869 for all your recovery needs !!!

Wrecker lights

Flashing lights on our brand new Kenworth rollback !!

Off Road Recovery

Our off road recovery unit reeling in one out of the river over 2 miles off the roadway.

Loading a lowered Corvette

We have special equipment to load low clearance vehicles with ease and damage free !!! Call us anytime 24 hours a day at 205-590-3869 for a professional ...

Heavy Duty Winching

Winching out 78600 lbs stuck in the mud.

Slow down and move over

Please slow down and move over for flashing lights !!

Heavy Equipment Trailer

Our hydraulic neck equipment trailer drops down for much better loading / unloading angles.

Tractor Trailer towing

Towing off a broke tractor trailer off I-65.

Wrecker lights

Our heavy wrecker is always willing to shine !!

Truck rollover

Recovering a service truck with a crane that rolled over blocking the highway.

Trail Riding Stoney Lonesome OHV with the Busted Knuckle Crew - TRR EP6

On this Episode of Trail Ride Revolution we are taking you to Stoney Lonesome OHV Park in Bremen, Alabama for some good ol Trail Riding Action with the OG ...

8 & Under Soccer

Cheetahs vs Rams 4/13/19.

8& Under Soccer

Cheetahs 4/13/19.

Grandma and grandpa

Sharing their lives together from the ground up.

Spring dirt microscopic life.

Spring dirt under a lens.

Revolution Youth Group Drama Team at Garden City First Baptist Church--Set Me Free

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End Times Talk

Real Life. Jesus is Lord. Colony, Alabama.

Petro Truck Stop gym. Dodge City

Working out at the gym inside the petro. Alabama I 65 ext 299.

March 24, 2019

Stony Lonesome 03/16/19(4)

Stony Lonesome 03/16/19(2)

Stony Lonesome 03/16/19(1)

Stony Lonesome 03/16/19(3)

315 Mimosa, Logan AL on Smith Lake

Welcome to 315 Mimosa Lane, Logan, Alabama ( on Lewis Smith Lake. This waterfront home offers an incredibly easy walk to ...


Small commercial for advertising.


Commercial for

Freestyling in the field

250 freestyle.

1600HP GOLD RUSH Rock Bouncer Build - Busted Knuckle Off Road

This time Jake Burkey and Busted Knuckle Off Road builds the most powerful rock bouncer ever built. Gold Rush features a Pro Charged 565 cubic inch Big ...

Stoney Lonesome Park

Riding some of the easy trails and main roads.

Zac Miller half cab 180

Smith Lake half Cab 180.

Smith lake


Stoney Lonesome Singletrack Project

Current condition of the new singletrack we are cutting!

My Life

Tick Tock.

Black smoke matters you can help

Don't or can't shut down here's your answer.

Keto on the go

Athena My G-Baby

New channel;)

Hoverboard fails

First and last time on a hoverboard. ALWAYS wear a helmet. No major injuries just sore.

Daily vlog

Weather in the city Colony the week
         What is the weather in Colony will be tomorrow? We know the answer to that question