Today in the city Colony 24.05.2019

Deaf children fight outside while one records it

Elya is a deaf girl, 16-17 years old, attends boarding school 22, from Balashikha, a very nervous girl and tortures all people and beats for no reason, always lies and behaves like a rat.

Nikita is a deaf boy, also 16-17 years old, studying in school 65, there is a problem with his mother and he is in an orphanage, he is very weak and thin.
What is the problem?

In that, Nikita's iPhone 6c broke and he took it for repairs, and suddenly Elya told him that he would give him an iPhone 8+, and that he give her 10 thousand, but Nikita did not believe her, because she knows that she is lying brazenly and torturing . So, they met and he did not know that this would happen. Let's go to Izmailovo Forest, and Elya started the problem, and tells him "where are my 10 thousand?" and he says he left and didn't take it, because he has problems with his family, and Elya began to be rude to him and treat him terribly.

Ale, she is such a girl that you will start to communicate with her, and then once will start a problem, and the absurd speaks. Also, she steals phone numbers in stores, cuts herself, and beats anyone. So he does not think that to sit in a colony is a terrible feeling.
Let's get a lot of views so that the whole world sees and finds out that it's a terrible feeling to do this to people.
The boy is thin and very weak, there are problems in the family, and Ale is ... .

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