Today in the city Colony 22.09.2017
Lido Pimienta's Goal After Winning The Polaris Prize? Combatting Colonialism

Pimienta spoke with Alt.Latino about winning Canada's biggest music prize, the importance of listening to our ancestors, and speaking up for indigenous people everywhere.

Why China’s ‘Wolf Warriors II’ is Enjoying Surprising Success in Hong Kong

To the surprise of some, China’s top-grossing film of all time “Wolf Warriors II” has been better received in Hong Kong compared to previous Chinese propaganda movies. The film’s (modest) success in H...

Elon Musk has an update for us on his Mars colony plans - CNET

America's "rocket man" revised his plan for a metropolis on Mars and is set to unveil version 2 in Australia later this month.

These Movies Will Hurt Your Brain (In A Good Way)

Photo: Snap Stills/REX/Shutterstock.WARNING: So many spoilers ahead! Plot twists unraveled. Endings revealed. Proceed at your own risk.March 16 marks the 15th anniversary of the release of Christopher...

TV Writer-Producer Aaron Zelman’s Hillside Home For Sale Again (EXCLUSIVE)

Television writer-producer Aaron Zelman is asking a bit more than $1.8 million for a Hollywood-pedigreed Spanish colonial residence cleaved to a precipitous hillside high above L.A.’s historic Beachwo...

Grant Awarded to Historic Theater in Augusta

A $15,000 grant from a Maine historic preservation group will help renovate Augusta's Colonial Theatre, a historic building that fell into disrepair over recent decades.

Daughter tries to protect her father from getting shot

An armed man shot a man and a woman, allegedly father and daughter, who were this afternoon in a food business in the colony Las Flores. It is the ninth homicide in the month of September. Sitting in...

100 years ago, young people were in World War I. Today, they are traumatized by a conservative speaker

To the editor: Four hundred years ago, young people landed on North American shores to establish colonies that might not last through the next winter. Three hundred years ago, young people pushed into...

Independent Kurdistan is US & Israel's tool to break up Iraq & Syria

Great analysis about US and their Kurdish stooges and what they are trying to steal. Good read. Link below.

Colonial Gunsmith Hand Makes American Musket

Break out your popcorn and get comfortable....... This full video will show each step of the creation of a Musket from raw materials, as it was done over 200 years ago.

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